Monday, July 4, 2016

Mindful Monday (Part 3)

We’ll I have made it through chapter 2 of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, in which Elizabeth travels to India to explore her spirituality and find God. This she does in an ashram where she spends hours meditating. Exploring spirituality is really exploring yourself, and getting closer to becoming your true spiritual self. (In the picture it's a different copy of the book, I had to return the other one to the library.)

I’ve never seen myself as a very spiritual or religious person. A couple of years ago I tried out yoga, which is a form of meditation, and loved taking that moment to create silence in my head, to calm my thoughts and find that happy, positive place. But never went any further with it. After chapter 2 it was clear that through daily practice you can make it a more permanent state and when you 'lose it', you can return to it easier. So I’ve started a challenge to meditate every day, I’ve started small with 10 minutes and also looked for some guidance with the book ‘Meditation, Now or Never’ by Steve Hagen and ‘Meditation Minis Podcast’ by Chel Hamilton on Spotify.

To quickly come back on part 2, I have been using my bullet journal even though I'm struggling with the decoration of it. I'm still not drawing consistently, still have problems with inspiration but I will keep on trying.  

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