Thursday, July 21, 2016

How to style a Basic: The White Shirt

So we have come to a third basic item a white shirt, which style of white shirt is completely up to your own style. Is it the very classic button-down shirt, or do you like a modern twist choose one with longer cuffs, for a more relaxed idea you can go for soft boho chic.
My white shirt, which I made myself, is in my eyes a combination of these last two. Modern because it has the detail of the longer cuffs but I used a softer, little bit see through, fabric which adds a pop a boho.
The combination of a white shirt with a dress has been very popular these last few months. Mostly they combine the shirt with a Slip Dress. The red dress that I am wearing has many resemblances to a Slip Dress, but it is made from a different fabric. The traditional Slip Dress is made out of silk, mine is made from cotton. 

I made both items that I'm wearing, the dress was for a wedding I attended last year and I finished the white shirt just a couple of months ago. 

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