Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday for Photography: Robert Frank

Robert Frank- The Americans (1958)
Robert Frank (°1924) was born and raised in Zwitserland. He found an escape in photography during WWII.  He was jewish and even though he was safe, he could feel the anti-Semitism rising in the country.  After the war he, as many others, moved to the United States of America. His first job was as a fashion photographer. 

His biggest success was a photography book called The Americans. For this project Frank travelled around the country for two years, seeing all the different classes of American society. He took around 28,000 pictures, only 83 were chosen for the book. It changed the way photography was used to say something. In The Americans he especially wanted to show us the tension in the reality of the '50. After the war people felt optimistic about the future and the progress humanity was making, this led to civil rights movements and racial conflicts. 

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