Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday Mindfullness (part 2)

Hello Monday and Hello to all of you,

So far I have finished chapter one of 'Eat, Pray and Love', in this chapter the main character is living in Italy. The main reason why she is there is that she wants to learn how to enjoy life and it all start with enjoying good food. During these last weeks I've been trying to enjoy all my daily activities, but when your main activity is studying it is not always simple. I have learnt that a good playlist really does wonders, for studying but also for the gym or just giving yourself a soundtrack while walking around. I'm also taking up old activities that I enjoyed but eventually didn't find the time to do. 

One of those is my agenda, where I want to create a space to gather all my thoughts, inspirations and creations but also plan and schedule everything that needs to be done. A couple of months ago I was using my agenda more as a Art Planner, really being creative with a lot of decoration and painting. But on busy weeks or moments I completely neglected my agenda because decorating it took too much time. I found enjoyment in the cutting, scrapbooking and organising but needed a more achievable idea. 

Then I saw something about Bullet Journaling on Pinterest and went to the official site to discover how it works. It has a system but it is adaptable to your own wishes and needs, you can add different modules and take out those you don't like. My modules are my monthly log, my goals and inspiration, a habit tracker and a daily log. 

I've been trying it out for two months now and I'm enjoying it a lot more. I'm still experimenting with lettering and decorations, even started drawing again, I'm not my biggest fan when it comes to my drawings. But I changed my approach and told myself just to finish without judgement. I had more fun, actually finished some drawings and didn't completely hated them. So I have to continue on that road and keep practicing.

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