Thursday, June 23, 2016

How to style a basic: The Bomber jacket (2)

Hey again, I haven't been posting regularly because it's been a pretty busy period. I had a couple exams very close after each other but now it's officially vacation!!  And it is also officially summer!!
A good opportunity to take a closer look into some summer/spring basics. In my last look I combined the bomber jacket with a pencil skirt but if you want a more playful, casual look you can also combine it with an A-line skirt. 
Most people prefer the shorter A-line skirts and this year especially the ones with the buttons in the front. But I've always loved these longer, flowy skirts, with which you can twirl and swing, create a lot of movement. 
For a variated wardrobe it is best to have different styles, to have a pencil skirt, a long and short A-line, with or without pleads. With those different styles you can combine endlessly without being scared of looking the same. 


Bomber: Made by Me / Top: H&Mmen / Skirt: Made by Me
Shoes: Adidas / Bag: Primark

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