Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday for Photography: Weegee

Weegee- On the Spot (1939)
In the beginning of photography there are a lot of painters experimenting with the new media and others, but the next generation are professional photographers who concern themselves only with photography. This creates a new genre of photography, the camera is turned back towards reality, towards the people on the streets in the big cities. So the genre is called street photography. 

One of these professionals was Weegee, the alias of Arthur Fellig. Weegee himself is a little bit special because he decided to see life on the streets late at night.  His photographs shows the party scene on one side and on the others side was the criminal life. It was his choice of topic that made him very popular, people seemed to like the shock value of the photos. The photo On the Spot is one of those shocking photos, it shows an actual dead person, a person who has been shot not so long before the picture was taken. 

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