Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday for Photography: René Magritte

Réne Magritte- Je ne vois pas la femme cachée dans la foret (1929)
Rene Magritte is mostly known as a surrealist painter but also translated the ideas of the movement  into photography and photomontages. Surrealism all about challenging the perception of reality and exploring the unconscious mind. This is mostly achieved by putting conflicting images and symbols together. Magritte was very much involved in the activities of the movement and had a strong friendship with André Breton, the leader. 

One of his most known photomontage is a combination of painting and photography. The woman in the middle is copied from a existing painting, it's surrounded by small portraits of men with their eyes closed. The montage was used as the cover for the review La Révolution surréaliste. It shows several elements that are widely used in surrealism like eroticism, a mysterious forest and they always have a thing with eyes, they are seen as a gateway of reality.


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