Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday for Photography: Man Ray

Man Ray-Photogram (1922)
Man Ray (1890-1976) was born in United States and had an interest in Art since a very young age. He, like many other, first started painting. It was only after meeting Marcel Duchamp, a revolutionist of Plastic Arts, that he started working with kinetic art, assemblages and photography. At that moment he also fell in love with Paris. He eventually moved there.

In the 1920's Photography was still a very young medium in comparison with painting, that has existed since like forever. During these years there was still a lot of experimentation being done by different artists. Man Ray is most known for his 'Photograms', in these he used the photosensitive paper without a camera. He would place different items on top of the paper and expose it with light, this gave the image of a silhouette on the paper. Other artists also used this technique but not to the extent of Man Ray.

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