Friday, April 22, 2016

Rinus van de Velde

Rinus van de Velde brings very large charcoal drawings and constructions together in a room, to create a very unique experience. The experience is a story, sometimes based on found footage, other times on other artworks, in this case the story is based on a novel by Jules Romains. 
Rinus puts himself in the position of the main character, one one side to escape from his reality and on the other side to understand his reality better. Through making these big drawing Rinus explores his desires, fears and ambitions as an artist. 


The charcoal drawings are impressive, they cover almost the entire wall. Everything is worked out with an extreme amount of detail and the contrast in these drawings is just fascinating.  You can stare at the drawings for hours, trying to capture every inch of it. Besides the drawings and the sculptures, there is also text, which tells parts of the story and guide you through it. The combination of all these elements just leaves you heavily impressed and impacted. 

Donogoo Tonka  will be exhibited until the 5th of May in SMAK Ghent.

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