Friday, April 1, 2016



My name is Leen Steenberghs, I am 23 years old and live in Belgium. I recently graduated as a Master of Arts and currently studying economy (Yes, I know, a very different combination). Besides my studies, I volunteer on a research project and work. I really see myself as an ordinary girl, with a fascination, trying to move forward in life and enjoying the rollercoaster.


I've always been sportive, when I was young I played basketball and now I try to go to the gym regularly. I like being fit and in-shape (who wouldn't) but most importantly it is my venting mechanism in dealing with daily life issues and worries.

But my true passion is creativity. I feel I had always have an interest in making things, colouring, painting. But never really pursued it for different reasons. I eventually discovered my passion through a more intense exposure to the arts, because creativity comes from inspiration. I feel like Art, in all its forms, can have a very positive influence on people. So I decided to pursue a career in the sector, hoping that I can help spread a positive message through Art and Creativity.


Mirrors and Museums

I started blogging in March 2013 as Mirrors and Museums, sharing mostly my daily outfits, some D.I.Y. projects. and different posts about Art. In November I had a technical error with my new cellphone, deleting all my pictures from my blog posts. I was very disappointed and eventually stumbled into taking a break from blogging and putting my focus on my studies, which at the end paid of.

After a couple months I decided I wanted to start blogging again. I wanted to do it a bit better and therefore it's going to be a bit different aswell. The red line through all my post will be Art, Creativity and Inspiration. I hope I can really keep up with my expectations and aspirations, but most importantly that you all, my readers, will love my work. 

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