Friday, April 22, 2016

Rinus van de Velde

Rinus van de Velde brings very large charcoal drawings and constructions together in a room, to create a very unique experience. The experience is a story, sometimes based on found footage, other times on other artworks, in this case the story is based on a novel by Jules Romains. 
Rinus puts himself in the position of the main character, one one side to escape from his reality and on the other side to understand his reality better. Through making these big drawing Rinus explores his desires, fears and ambitions as an artist. 


The charcoal drawings are impressive, they cover almost the entire wall. Everything is worked out with an extreme amount of detail and the contrast in these drawings is just fascinating.  You can stare at the drawings for hours, trying to capture every inch of it. Besides the drawings and the sculptures, there is also text, which tells parts of the story and guide you through it. The combination of all these elements just leaves you heavily impressed and impacted. 

Donogoo Tonka  will be exhibited until the 5th of May in SMAK Ghent.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to style a basic: The Bomber jacket (1)

A well-organised and functional wardrobe consists of a number of basics and a few special items. From there you can easily select an outfit, either you combine different basic or choice a basic together with one of the special items. When you want a crazy-creative outfit you combine different special items, to mix and match patterns.
With this outfit I want to focus on the bomber jacket, an item well on its way to becoming the trend of spring. Why is it so popular? Cause it's perfect for the current weather conditions and it brings many of us back to the '90 's. There are many different styles, the basic monochrome versions, others have patterns but the most elaborated ones are embroidered. 
I made this ochre yellow version about two years ago and combined it with a pencil skirt I recently finished. I love the fact that it's a little big and oversized. That has a lot to do with my constant interest in being as comfortable as possible. I already had that in mind when I first picked out the fabric, it's soft and fluffy on the inside. Basically I'm still completely in love with my yellow bomber jacket, which one is your favorite? 


Bomber Jacket: Made by Me/ Shirt: H&M / Skirt: Made by Me
Shoes: Adidas

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday for Photography: Alexander Rodschenko

Alexander Rodschenko- The Stairs (1930)
Alexander Roschenko (1891-1956) was first a painter, but in the 1920's he believed photography could surpass painting in representing the reality. This change was influenced by the Russian Revolution of 1917.

For his photos he always looked for pattern and lines. He would always frame them from up above or down below. It gives the captured reality a sense of abstraction and therefore look strange.
The stairs with the woman also reminds of the movie 'Battleship Pottemkin' by Sergei Eisenstein, both were part of the style Constructivism and in service of the Bolshevik government. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Art Wishlist


It's been a week since my last post, I went away for a couple of days and forgot the charger of my laptop. But it did give me some more time to think about my list which was a lot harder to make than expected. 
This because sometimes I'm just crazy about specific painting, in other cases I love the painter in general and find it hard to choose. For me, a building is also an artwork and can be very iconic for a style and a place, so I included some on my list. 
But also because in the last years I traveled a bit and saw many of my ultimate works to see, mostly French Painters that I saw in the Louvre, Musée d'Orsay or Kröller-Möller museum. So now that my first wishes are granted, I have to keep on dreaming. 
And then now the list: 

-Gustav Klimt, The Kiss 
(Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna)
An Austrian painter from the sezession, most of his work is great but The Kiss is his most famous work. You can also find his paintings in the MOMA in New York. 

Gustav Klimt-The Kiss

-Salvador Dali, The Persistence of Memory 
(MOMA, New York)
A Master of Surrealism, his works are spread all over the world. Most you can find in the Salvador Dali museum in Florida but my personal favorite is located in New York.

Salvador Dali- The Persistence of Memory

-Réne Magritte 
(Magritte museum, Brussels)
A Belgian surrealist painter, whose most iconic works are located in private collections. But here in Brussels there is a Magritte Museum, which for some reason I still haven't visited.

-Edgar Degas, The Dance class 
(MET, New York)
A French Impressionist from which I have seen several works, because he is in fact one of my favorite painters ever. But this is the one special painting that I just have to see.

Edgar Degas- The Dance Class

-Pablo Picasso, Guernica (Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid) 
& Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (MOMA, New York)
A Spanish modern painter with lots of good work and interesting paintings but these are his two masterpieces that I especially hope to see at some point.

Pablo Picasso- Demoiselles d'Avignon

Daniel Burnham, Flatiron building
(New York, USA)
It was one of the highest buildings when completed and groundbreaking because of its triangular shape. It's one of the most iconic buildings of New York.

-Antoni Gaudi, Sagrada Familia & Parc Guëll 
(Barcelona, Spain)
A Catalan Architect whose masterpiece Sagrada Familia is still not finished, it's been 100 years in the making. In the Parc everything is a creation from his imagination and it will blow you away.

Antoni Gaudi- Sagrada Familia

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pretty in Pink


Hey, Hey, Hey, I am finally back again and this time to give you some insight in my personal style, which I would label as casual and comfortable. Most of my days consist of sitting down and walking, so I typically go for the combination of jeans, shirt and sweater. Don't get me wrong I love dresses and skirts but I mostly wear them on my day off or special occasions. With a casual and comfortable you can wear nothing else but nice sneakers. Finish the look with some simple and small accessories. 


One thing that is out of the ordinary with this look is the pink sweater. As a kid I decided that I didn't like pink, it was too cliché and I avoided the color. After it just never won my preference, until I saw this pastel pink fabric which was perfect for a sweater that I wanted to make. And like that I got to own a piece of pink clothing, will there be more? 

Shirt: Think Twice/ Sweater: Made by Me/ Jeggings: Primark/
Shoes: Adidas/ Necklace: Primark

Friday, April 1, 2016



My name is Leen Steenberghs, I am 23 years old and live in Belgium. I recently graduated as a Master of Arts and currently studying economy (Yes, I know, a very different combination). Besides my studies, I volunteer on a research project and work. I really see myself as an ordinary girl, with a fascination, trying to move forward in life and enjoying the rollercoaster.


I've always been sportive, when I was young I played basketball and now I try to go to the gym regularly. I like being fit and in-shape (who wouldn't) but most importantly it is my venting mechanism in dealing with daily life issues and worries.

But my true passion is creativity. I feel I had always have an interest in making things, colouring, painting. But never really pursued it for different reasons. I eventually discovered my passion through a more intense exposure to the arts, because creativity comes from inspiration. I feel like Art, in all its forms, can have a very positive influence on people. So I decided to pursue a career in the sector, hoping that I can help spread a positive message through Art and Creativity.


Mirrors and Museums

I started blogging in March 2013 as Mirrors and Museums, sharing mostly my daily outfits, some D.I.Y. projects. and different posts about Art. In November I had a technical error with my new cellphone, deleting all my pictures from my blog posts. I was very disappointed and eventually stumbled into taking a break from blogging and putting my focus on my studies, which at the end paid of.

After a couple months I decided I wanted to start blogging again. I wanted to do it a bit better and therefore it's going to be a bit different aswell. The red line through all my post will be Art, Creativity and Inspiration. I hope I can really keep up with my expectations and aspirations, but most importantly that you all, my readers, will love my work.